I’m a performance artist. I am also an actress. The transition is sometimes an overwhelming process of self-deconstruction and a critical approach towards mask crafting. I will never stop being an actress. The joyfulness of character playing is a precious gift; on stage I am like a hybrid creature with a thousand and one lives. However since I started to work with the UPDATE group and discovered the works of artists like Marina Abramovic, Pina Bausch or Rachel Rosenthal, my artistic concerns have found resolution in a more self-generated architecture.

My body became an auto-poetic agent. I engaged myself through physical performance in the exploration of the unconscious, incorporating my findings in every piece of work.
And there I was STUCK. And from here starts my STUKIST era. After researching this aspect, I got to the conclusion that art-making can’t be separated from the artist and its trauma, both becoming mediums of transmission through which the society mirrors itself. The artist should embrace the power to connect its personal life with the audience, in order to socially and spiritually heal.