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    Iulia Benze is a London based performance artist; her body of work includes live art performances, installations, experimental film, multimedia, research. 

The Romanian artist was born in 1988, just one year before the fall of communism after the controversial ’89 Revolution’. The waves of novelties, the irreversible transition from dictatorship to an overwhelming freedom, the resurrection of the religious awareness and sudden westernisation of Romanian culture and society, all of this marked her becoming.

As a member of G.E.T.A (The Experimental Theatre Group of Amateurs) led by dramatist Paul Sarvadi, Iulia discovered her interest and passion for theatre. Consequently she studied ‘classical drama’ by means of practice within Faculty of Theatre and Television – Bebes-Bolyai University, becoming an actress/ theatre performer. Gradually her artistic concerns called for a broader platform of expression and Iulia engaged in various performance practices and artistic disciplines. Thereby she completed her studies through a MA degree in Performance Practices & Research within one of the most internationally renowned universities: Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

Iulia Benze works as a free-lancer artist and also collaborates with various companies including London based SMALT PERFORMANCE COMPANY founded by performance maker Alexandra Ada Nutu. 

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