Iulia Benze is a London based performance artist; her body of work includes live art performances, installations, experimental film, multimedia, research.


Professional facilitators with experience of social exclusion and a combined knowledge of over forty years as educators, directors, performers and dramaturges are bringing workshops designed to challenge and evolve participants. Personally, physically, psychologically and emotionally intense, these workshops are designed to benefit both actors and non-actors, and are accessible for all levels regardless of language ability and previous experience.

The workshops cover a melange of techniques and styles drawn from alternatives to traditional theatre education, which focus on personal development and an awareness of our roles in society as part of the ongoing essential theatre. Participants in these workshops can expect to develop not only their performance skills, but also their confidence, public speaking and ability to achieve their desires in the future. The design helps us understand our past, engage with our present, and create our future, focusing on theatre that accomplishes something, rather than being ‘art for art’s sake’.

The key references of our teaching practices come from Theatre of the Oppressed, Drama-therapy and Odin Teatret. Theatre can be applied as a tool for personal and social transformation. Our shared philosophy is that drama and theatre can be used to help people heal old wounds, be they emotional, psychological or mental, and provide a new vision of how we can act together to bring about a meaningful evolution within our society.

The key points where our work differs from others is the utilization of physical exhaustion as a means of bringing about a particular emotional vulnerability within performers. Also the raising of stage presence and charisma through ancient Chinese techniques and creating learning based goal programs for the lives of up and coming professionals.


Kurt Murray (AUS)
Co-founder of AnActorTravels Company, Kurt holds over two decades of theatre experience and has worked as an actor, designer, producer, teacher, street performer, professional wrestler and as a director. His quest for finding new levels of performance has led him to work and learn from acting masters in Iran to Qi Gong masters in China. He has trained with Eugenio Barba’s company in London and teaches at the Sylvia Young Theatre and Delfont Mackintosh in London.  In 2013 he brought a unique vision of Faust to Romania’s Spot Theatre Festival in 2013 to critical and popular acclaim. He and Iulia Benze devise postmodern performances as: ‘Human Gallery Mesterul Manole’ from the traditional Romanian myth in Satu Mare (Spot Company), ‘Punch and Kiss’ and many other showing of works.  www.anactortravels.com

Iulia Benze (RO)
Co-founder of AnActorTravels Company, Iulia began her acting career in Romania in 2005 and continued her career in the United Kingdom, after graduating a Master degree in Performance Practice and Research at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She has an in-depth knowledge of feminism, psychoanalysis and stuckism in performance; also translating academic theatre books and theatre writing for Odin Theatre Company, Denmark and international theoreticians; whilst being a key innovator and organiser of the Alternative Actors project. Iulia co-founded the theatre company CRAFT in London in 2012 which created the style of performance development featured in these workshops. She has been fundamental in bringing these workshops to Romania for the first time, being intrinsically involved in the development, rehearsal and direction of the recent pioneering performances of ‘Galeria Umana Mesterul Manole’ in Satu Mare.

George Wielgus (UK)
Has spent two years touring Malaysia with a group of recovering drug users in association with the Malaysian AIDS Council, performing dozens of interactive theatre shows with non-actors for audiences totalling over 6000 people. He was Artistic Director of the Fallen Leaves Theatre Company, and lived in-residence with the performers during that time, facilitating hundreds of hours of workshops and rehearsals. He is certified in Joker Training and the therapeutic theatre technique the Rainbow of Desire, having trained under Augusto Boal’s protégé Adrian Jackson with London based TO company Cardboard Citizens for six months. Since 2010 he has been the Creative Director of UK-based NGO Reboot The Roots, facilitating workshops in Theatre of the Oppressed for NGOs and other groups from the refugee community in Kuala Lumpur, emerging poets in Singapore, to reconciliation charities in Cambodia. He is also the Glastonbury Slam Poetry champion, 2010, and has designed and executed workshops and performances for a variety of non-traditional theatre audiences.

An Actor Travels is always happy collaborating with artistic theatre companies and travelling in new places with its performance/theatre repertoire and workshops.
Enquiries and more information regarding the An Actor Travels activity, its Alternative Workshops or shows at iulia8801@gmail.com

Location: Tu Fokan Festival,
Cserhatszentivan, Hungary, summer 2015

Pinter Gergo: ‘I realised better… about being together and the intimacy. And love. ‘

Kovacs Zsofia: ‘It was fantastic. And now I feel better about myself than before… I know I should better respect myself more. It is very hard work, because every time we give and give and give, but where is I?’

Bokay Eszter: ‘I loved it. I could travel to another consciousness, my mind and soul and… connected. I enjoyed that I destroyed myself in another way in a festival. Was a good surprise. Try my power, destroy my limits. And we all get one and I love this feeling. Was beautiful as life. Motivating.’

Simon Bettina: ‘I never thought that I would love any workshop. So it was a big surprise for me. This workshop was a good experience… I didn’t learn, I rather experienced things about me, I knew before… And I remembered myself again, not to forget to let good things happen and just what’s in my mind/ fantasy.’

Marosi Andras:’ Unique, getting great inspirations and methods. I was never so brave before!’

Adorjan Beata: ‘…was a unique experience for me, which couldn’t happen if you, Iulia weren’t such  a fuckin’ powerful crazy bitch and I love you for that… you helped me get over my limits… a miracle happened…I learned that I can do far more than I thought, that my limits are not where I thought they were, I realised that I am really a brave and courageous person, now I accept this from my heart. I’m more confident and I feel beautiful.’

Location: Teatrul Studentesc ‘Podul’,
Bucharest, 2015

Theatre of exhaustion is connected to Stuckism, or better said the Stuckist manifesto in theatre. Stuckist Psychoanalytic Performance technique promotes self-discovery quest for authenticity, calling for subjects like performer’s neurosis or unconscious, generating unseen psychological realities by means of novelty, shock, gimmick and Cruelty.

We strongly believe that the only performance act that makes a difference is the one that drives the audience completely insane, only to heal and curate at the end of it.

Location: Capella,
Budapest, 2015

Workshops were designed to develop actors and non-actors utilizing various theatre methods to enhance an individual’s personal development in their own life and how that life expresses and connects itself with the world and people around them. During these two week period the processes we used were for developing a work on the theme of immigration. The theme was chosen as it coincided with the ending of the building of the Hungarian wall. The work allowed people to express their thoughts and feelings in their personal lives and connect them with thoughts and feelings associated with their responses to immigration at that present moment in the European climate.  This response to Immigration theatre work was presented publicly and combined with Forum Theatre so that the audience could present their own responses on the subject of immigration using audience and spectators alike to recreate the world in a different light.

Location: Carei,
Romania, 2014

Take risks and attack fears through a series of exercises designed to provide better platform of courage, self-knowledge and limits. Fear is at the forefront of this workshop as you will be pushed, physically and emotionally past any boundary you could have ever considered. At the heart of exhaustion you can find your greatest peace as a performer and utilizing the tools of this series you will be introduced to new layers of your own identity that will set a new sense of self for the stage.

Location: PaintBrush Factory,
Cluj, 2015

Using a mixture of techniques from Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, Baji Qi Gong, Astanga Yoga in a process newly termed as a ‘theatre of exhaustion’. By overcoming the limits of our endurance and pushing ourselves emotionally and physically, we can break free of patterns of behaviour and thought that have become limitations on our potential.  Only by breaking down ourselves can we rebuild something new and realise our unlimited potential for growth and development.

Location: Eran Centre,
Brasov, 2014

Exercises include a careful after-care programme to catch the emotional breakthroughs and channel them in a meaningful manner, consisting of meditation and energy redistribution to heal and consolidate the experience. Participants can expect to do things they never thought possible, to face themselves emotionally and openly, and then generate new strength and inspiration from the experience.