Iulia Benze is a London based performance artist; her body of work includes live art performances, installations, experimental film, multimedia, research.

Lady Whistle

2016 / Edinburgh High Street

The goal in everyone’s life as they live is to stay connected to spontaneity and present. As we grow we always strive for youthful play in our recreation. Nothing in this world brings out ones true sense of purpose, the perpetual quest of the inner child like playing. In an instance all fear is washed away and something so simple brings us closer to our inner child that fuels our lives. Human Statues are a beautiful and time sensitive creation. Momentary statues can be created to amaze an audience, but an audience can be drawn into true magic when this creation is used as a prop to generate a story in a simple context as the street. The results create a wild and exciting experience for audiences who are amazed, excited and engaged at the sight of an otherworldly creature with otherworldly mentality.

In every element of childish naughtiness, Lady Whistle challenges the daily human psychology with passing play. An easy going female entity that flashes passers by at the drop of a coin. This gesture raises multiple questions of ethics and feminist debate regarding the idea objectification and how it can be turned on its head. This wonderful character has increased my love of the audience exponentially and opened up the magical world of street performance and antithesis of the stage.